What are infographics? 

Infographics are a visual representation of  complex data and information. Think of it as pie chart on steroids.

What’s so great about infographics? 

Infographics are very  engaging and help deliver comprehensible messages. Additionally, they  are a great tool for visual learners.

How can infographics be used in world language classes?

They can be used as text, as reading comprehension practice, as a Common Core strategy, as a hook to initiate discussion, to summarize a novel or describe a character in the novel and  to talk about culture. Additionally, students can create their own infographics to break down information from multiple sources.

How do I use it in my own classroom? 

I have used infographics mainly to introduce a topic and to talk about culture.An infographic provides  the visuals and the vocabulary to start a meaningful conversation. For instance, in chapter two of Problemas en Paraiso by Carol Gaab, the main two characters are preparing to go on a trip to Ixtapa, Mexico. So I used an infographic  I found online to initiate a discussion about vacations and family trips.


  1. Have the students read the infographic silently.
  2. Each student will write a question about the information on the infographic.
  3. Have students share their questions with a partner.
  4. Teacher will ask comprehension questions in the target language.
  5. Personalize by asking students in the target language: Where does your family go on vacation? How often do you go on family trips? Do you like to go to the mountains or the city? What do you like about family vacations? etc.
  6. Optional: Have students create their own infographic about family vacations or comparing vacations in the USA with other countries (in this case, it was USA vs. Spain) Here is my infographicinfografia-verano-445x1024

One thought on “INFOGRAPHICS

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