Vocabulary Review Game

I used to use lots of games when I was teaching with the textbook, and I was trying to glamourized those long chapter vocabulary list. I found that now that I teach with Comprehensible Input I don’t need to come up with all these different activities to make grammar and vocabulary fun. Now, my students are engaged they ARE the lesson. However, my students like competition a lot and after one semester of playing flyswatter and spelling race they were just not into it as much. So I looked for a game that it was fun for the students, and that required little to no preparation on my behalf.
So I came up with this fun review game without a name. I guess I could have called it DAT for draw, act, and translate. You can find the template for this game here.
My T.A. did all the work of printing, laminating and cutting the cards. If you don’t have a T.A., then get some of your students to cut the cards. Yes, you will invest some time laminating the game, but you will be able to use it over and over again.
Get the students in groups of 3 or 4. Each team gets a board, a pair of dice (you can buy a package of 20 at the .99 cents store.) vocabulary cards, and some tokens. They will roll the dice and pick up a card. Students will read their vocab card to their group and perform the task required per color:
Red= translate
Blue= draw
Green= act/imitate
I’ve included high-frequency verbs ( sweet 16) in the third person. some family members and people. Perfect for review French 1 semester 1
Tip: For durability, print on cardstock paper and laminate.
Variation: you can make other cards with verbs in the past tense, story characters, other advanced verbs, etc.


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