Day 2
a. I welcomed student’s at the door while I asked them to tell me the password. I got this idea from the Amazing Alina Filipescu. I assigned the password on Fridays and students will say it to enter the classroom Monday through Friday of the following week. The password for the first week was ¡Que ridículo! Here is more information about how to use passwords in the classroom.
b. Reviewed our greeting and the gestures for: I don’t understand, may I speak English? Repeat, slower and write it on the board.
c. Assigned classroom jobs. I heard about classroom jobs through Bryce Hedstrom’s session at iFLT the idea is to have students do the work that they can do so you can focus on providing compelling input. Assigning the jobs creates a sense of community and ownership. It’s helping me manage time, save my energy and buys me a few minutes of silence between passing periods.
Let me give you a little bit of background information on what went on my classroom. Last year I had my best CI experience ever! My students were super engaged, I had the story asking routine down, parents emailed the administrators to express how happy they were with CI etc. But,  I was EXHAUSTED all the time,  I didn’t have the energy to anything else after school and by the end of the first semester, I was completely burned out. I realize now that I was doing ALL the work for 42 students in five different periods! That’s a lot of work! I noticed that when was tired I let my students get away with not following procedures. I feel more alert now that I had assigned all these tasks to students than last year when I was running the show and doing all the administrative tasks. Here is Bryce Hedstrom Post on Classroom jobs.

Some of the jobs I have assigned so far:
1. The class reporter- takes notes of the activities in class and reports back to absent students
3. The Board Eraser
4. The hole puncher
5. The person who passes handouts
6. The person who collects handouts
7. The lights person
8. The doorman
9. The tardy slips person
10. The telephone person
11. The sneeze person
12. The first aid person
13. the classroom monitor- walks around the classroom 4 minutes before the bell rings and remind students to pick up their bottles of water and any trash.
14. The 4 minutes person- tells me that there are 4 minutes left of class.
15. The English police.

I have substitutes for each position in case the person in charge of the job is absent. I also have posted the job description in the classroom and the name of the student responsible for each job.

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