Day 3
Reviewed our greeting and the gestures for: I don’t understand, may I speak English? Repeat, slower and write it on the board.

I introduced the classroom rules in Spanish. Yes, you can explain your expectation in Spanish as long as you make it comprehensible. Ah, and don’t  forget to  and check for comprehension often.I got this idea when I attended a COACH training last fall. Additionally, teaching rules in Spanish was  as a great way to  review the following verbs.
Puedes- you can
Tienes- you have
Necesitas- you need
So how did I make this topic comprehensible?  I used   cognates, props, and lots of gestures.  I wrote the words with its English translation on the board. Then, I showed them the gesture, I modeled for them and had them practice. Then, I introduced the rules one at the time. Here is an example of how I introduced my number one rule.
En la clase de espanol puedes hablar espanol.
Puedes hablar espanol en la clase? si o no?
Puedes hablar Frances en la clase?
No, no puedes hablar farance en la clase.

Here are some comprehension checks activities I created after I taught the rules and procedures.LAS REGLAS

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