Days 4-8

So we’ve spent the first three days assigning classroom jobs, seating arrangements, learning classroom rules and procedures. I continue to remind my students of the expectations in my class. I also like to post the rules before every activity.

I am getting to know my students by talking to them about current events and this year I got lucky enough that The Rio Olympics is interesting and compelling to my students. I am using the Olympics to frontload all the vocabulary and explore some of the themes of Felipe Alou by Carol Gaab.

First off I want to clarify that I don’t know anything about sports. In fact, I didn’t even watch a single Olympic event (so sad.)I just simply asked questions, and I got all the information by talking to my students and about them. I confirmed the information through Wikipedia, and I typed the reading based on our discussions.
1. I introduced the topic, by talking to my about one athlete at a time. I showed a picture of the athlete first and then asked the class if they knew who the person was. Most them knew because I talked to them the day after the athlete won his/her event.
2. I asked lots of questions in Spanish through ‘circling’, and I wrote on the board any new words in Spanish and English.
3. I asked questions about my students. For instance, I knew I had two swimmers in one period. I asked them if they ever competed, if they get nervous, if they practice often and for how long, what type of swimming they prefer, which style if the most difficult to them, etc.

Sample texts and reading comphrehension questions las olimpiadas 2016