Did you know?

Interesting/ random/fun/ unexpected facts

Did you know?

In my class, we read pretty much about anything. So, wheneverr I can, I like to incorporate interesting random/fun/ unexpected facts in my classes. These facts are just another way to “mask” reading in my class. I learned this activity from Carol Gaab. My students find it very interesting, and it usually leads to an interesting conversation in the target language. This activity also allows me to cover some of the Common Core Standards and is another way to integrate other subject areas such as math, history or science.
How does it look in my class?
We read it after a story (I pick facts related to the story, for example, we created a story about a bald princess, and then we learned facts about baldness)
We read it when introducing a topic
We read them to add to a topic
we read it just for fun (to educate and amuse)

le saviez vous

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