QR Codes

qrcode (1)

I recently discovered how to use QR Codes, and it turns out that they are very easy to create, and they have many different uses in the classrooms.  QR codes are a great tool to get students engaged and moving by placing them in separate areas of your classroom or school building. They are also an excellent resource to keep things new and exciting for your students. In my experience, most students were able to scan the QR code with their smartphones. The few students who didn’t have a phone available worked with other students. You can store several types of information on a QR code such as:

Free text

web address

Contact information

Text message

I have mainly used QR codes to give students access to information such a short text or quiz, to provide them with a link to a video or web address. But there are many different novel ways to use QR codes.  Click here to learn more about how to use  QR Codes in the classroom.

Here ar some of my students using QR codes to learn about poisson d’avril . You can access my poisson d’avril lesson here.